The Vineyard

McKinley Ribbon Ridge is located in the Ribbon Ridge AVA, a sub-appellation of the Willamette Valley AVA. Ribbon Ridge is 22 miles southwest of Portland, 4 miles northwest of Dundee, and 40 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

The interaction of geography, climate, topography, and winemaking savoir-faire, that provides the specific personality to the wine defines “terroir”, the unique characteristics of a fine wine. The Ribbon Ridge region contains primarily ocean sedimentary soils that are younger, finer and more uniform than the alluvial sedimentary and volcanic soils of neighboring regions. ½ a mile wide by 3 ½ miles long, this postage stamp sized region, approximately 5 miles square, is protected climatically by surrounding mountains. Due to unpredictable aquifers, vineyards are dry-farmed.  Vineyard practices also incorporate organic and biodynamic farming principles into the management of each harvest.   Biodynamic farming uses ideals and astrological influences on plants, soils, water and stone to ensure vineyards alive with energy not poisoned with insecticides.

In the last decade, Ribbon Ridge has established itself as one of the most significant Pinot Noir producing regions in the world with such Pinot Noir rock stars as Beaux Frères, Trisaetum, Brickhouse, Colene Clemens, Patricia Green Cellars and more.